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Maratua Island is in the outermost position Indonesia, namely in the Celebes Sea bordering with Malaysia and the Philippines. Derawan Islands Coral Triangle and in Maratua own dwelling marine tourism potential that has been popular in the world.

underwater-beauty-island-kalimantan-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-maratua-1Indonesia Tourism is not in doubt, the beauty of nature into one of the attractions for tourists throughout the world. Not only its natural beauty, the culture, and traditions are kept awake until Indonesia has become the very rich and even serve as a world cultural heritage which must be preserved and continue to be preserved.
Maratua Island is in the outermost position Indonesia, west of the Celebes Sea bordering with Malaysia and the Philippines. Derawan Islands Coral Triangle and Maratua own dwelling marine tourism potential that has been popular in the world.
Maratua island stretched beautiful tropical nature, mangroves, seagrass beds, and more. This beautiful island also has a line of an exotic white sandy beach, also one of the green turtle nestings was most profound in Indonesia. While in the underwater park, tucked high seas biodiversity, the variety of colorful coral reefs, various fish, green turtles, manta rays and other marine creatures.

underwater-beauty-island-kalimantan-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-maratua-3There are also 21 dive sites around the island Maratua that when seen on a map shape similar to the letter “U” but with an almost inverted position. With all the riches and beauty is not surprising that Maratua touted as a paradise island. Most people that live in the Bajo, Maratua is the main livelihood as a fisherman.
Snorkeling and diving are activities we can’t missed on the beautiful island of Maratua. To support the exploration of the underwater, local and international dive operators provided diving and snorkeling equipment to rent.Approximately five-meter diving, the underwater beauty maratua can be enjoyed. There are wide variety of marine life that inhabit the park under the sea around the island Maratua, including ghost pipefish (Solenostomus), blue ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena), cuttlefish (Sepiida), lobster (Nephropidae),  nudibranchs , pygmy seahorses, ribbon eels and Scorpionfish, barracuda, white tip sharks and hammerhead shark as well as many others.

Although a relatively small island, Pulau Maratua has approximately 21 diving points that are well known among divers. Each point offers the experience, beauty and biodiversity vary. Point of dives include Maratua Reef, Mid Reef, Fusilier Paradise, Batfish Alley, Lumanlang, Divers Delight, Turtle Parade, Small Fish Country, Turtle Traffic, Big Fish Country, Leo Point, Sea Wall Garden, Sea Wall, Midnight Snapper Run, Second Channel Shark City, and others.

Big Fish Country dive spot which is located between the island Maratua and Nabucco, is the place to watch the shark dives. However, to be able to dive at this point, we should have advanced dive license.

Turtle Traffic is a dive spot filled by green turtles. Animals that reach hundreds of years old have seen a lot of swimming in the ocean depths Maratua while looking for food. Maratua indeed is one area in Indonesia is a favorite to lay eggs and feed. Because the large number of turtles that visit the island, Maratua even touted as Turtle Capital of Indonesia.

underwater-beauty-island-kalimantan-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-maratua-4After a satisfying day of exploring the underwater beauty of Maratua, sit back and relax in the seaside of Maratua fun and relax. Plus, the beauty of the sun sinking also be a natural attraction that should be anticipated. Capture the sun sets also should not be missed.

Capture the underwater is also an interesting activity to do when the rich sea dive Maratua. The object of photography as an inexhaustible ranging from a variety of colorful coral reefs, sharks, and other large fish, coral fish, and a variety of another marine biota. Macrophotography fan also will not run out of objects that meet the underwater park Maratua.

To know and see up close the lives of local communities, we can visit the fishing villages on the island. There are four villages whose majority are tribal society Bajo. Getting to know the traditional life of fishing communities a place can also be a full tourist experience impression.underwater-beauty-island-kalimantan-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-maratua

The Underwater Beauty of Maratua Island, Kalimantan | Indonesia Travel


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