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Some of you may have known that Sumatra Indonesia is the number 6 world’s largest Island in the world. But besides that statistic , there are hundreds of reasons what makes Sumatra worth to visit, justgoindonesia.com will name here to help you decide.

Where does the name of ‘Sumatra’ come from ?

sumatra-destination-indonesia-justgoindonesia-map-old indonesia travelSUMATRA receiving its name from the Samudera Kingdom which was located on the east coast of Aceh. Began from the visit of Ibnu Batutah, an adventurer from  Morocco to the Samudera Kingdom in 1345, He pronounced Samudera as Samatrah, and eventually became  Sumatera or Sumatra, later on in the 16th century the name was mentioned on the map created by the Portuguese .
And until now still used to the referent of this Island

What is Sumatra original name?

Written in the different sources of history such as Ancient Greek, Sriwijaya Kingdom  folk tales or even Jewish Bible and Al-Qur’an (Al-Anbiya 81) Sumatra was known as “The Golden Island”. Since centuries a go people have visited for its goldmine. This fact might be one of your determining factor to visit this Island. Who does not want gold ?

The most western point of Indonesia is located on this Island

Pulau Weh which located on top of Northern province of Aceh Darussalam is the most western point of Indonesia. Aceh was also the center point of devastating earthquake and Tsunami in 2004.

Big Ethnics in Sumatra

sumatra-destination-indonesia-justgoindonesia-ethnic indonesia travelSumatra has a wide variety of ethnics .Generally Sumatra is inhabited by Malay people who are divided into different ethnics such as Aceh, Batak, Melayu, Minangkabau, Besemah, Suku Rejang, Ogan, Komering, and Lampung. While Chinese ethnic can be found on the east coast of the island and several big cities such as Medan, Palembang, Pakanbaru, Bandar Lampung.

Big Population

In the statistic data of the year 2010, the population more than 52 million people , way higher than the population of South Africa, Saudi Arabia or even Canada. But this statistic does not make Sumatra congested. With 473,481 km2 (182,812 sq mi)  land , its population density still considered as medium to low , about 96/ km2 or 249/ sq mi. In case you decide to settle down, there are plenty of space for you to live ..

Big Lakes

sumatra-destination-justgoindonesia-lake indonesia travelShall you ever wonder what is the largest lake in South East Asia, then you are looking at the right place. The lake Toba is the one and is located on the North part of Sumatera, near Medan. Theres big lake near Aceh Nangro Darussalam called Laut Tawar Lake.


The Primitive Cultures

When some of primitive cultures in other places in the world has been extinct, Sumatra has found its way to keep them from extinction. For some of you who are curious about the primitive cultures way of life. Nias and Mentawai located on the western coast of Sumatra are the perfect place to observe them.

The home of volcanoes, untouched rain forests and swamps.

Sumatra has more than hundreds volcanoes which 20 of them are active. From north to south of the island contains very large untouched rain forest and its southern swamps have not yet explored. So if you have a Tarzan soul in you, feel free to dare yourself !sumatra-destination-indonesia-justgoindonesia-vulcano travel

The 3rd largest city in Indonesia

Yes, you can find it here in the north part of Sumatra , Medan is the 3rd largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya.

Rafflesia Arnoldi , the giant flower.

This beastly flower was found for the first time in 1818 by Sir Stanford Raffles. There are many Rafflesia flower grow in Southeast Asia. But the biggest one is Rafflesia Arnoldi  can be seen in Bengkulu which located on the southwest coast of the island.


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