Sulawesi & Maluku


Celebes is an island within the territory of Indonesia which is located between Borneo Island in the west and Maluku Islands to the east. With an area of ​​174,600 km², Sulawesi is the 11th largest island in the world. In Indonesia only the area of ​​Sumatra Island, Borneo, and Papua Island alone is wider territory than the island of Sulawesi, while in terms of population only the island of Java and Sumatra alone which is larger population than Sulawesi.
Sulawesi is the island in Indonesia with a land area of ​​174,600 square kilometers. Its unique shape resembles spider roses or large K letters stretching from north to south and three peninsulas stretching northeast, east, and southeast. The island is bordered by the Strait of Makasar in the west and separated from Kalimantan and is also separated from the Maluku Islands by the Maluku Sea. Sulawesi is bordered by Borneo to the west, the Philippines to the north, Flores to the south, Timor to the southeast and Maluku to the east.

The most famous Bugis-Makassar cultural result is the Pinisi Ship. Pinisi ships are old-fashioned means of transportation, usually for transporting goods. This ship is a sailboat, which uses wind power as a driving force. This Pinisi ship has been famous since the 14th century. Even now, the world has acknowledged the existence of the Pinisi Ship. Currently Pinisi Ships are used as luxury yachts and expedition vessels. However, there are still people of Sulawesi who use this ship as a means of transportation everyday. You can see this ship along with the process of making it in Bulukumba district, South Sulawesi.

The inhabitants of the Toraja tribe are known as residents who live in the highlands or mountains. His ancestors came from the Chinese ethnic group. Cultural results are very diverse, and still maintained until now. The most recognizable of Toraja culture is its traditional house. Tongkonan is a traditional house of Toraja tribe. This house is a spiritual symbol of Toraja society. Various Toraja ceremonial ceremonies are held in this house



Maluku is a province covering the southern part of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia. Maluku history trajectory has begun since the time of the great kingdoms in the Middle East like the Egyptian kingdom led by Pharaoh. Evidence that the history of Maluku is the oldest in Indonesia is the record of clay tablets found in Persia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt mentioning a land of very rich eastern, a paradise land, with natural produce of cloves, gold and pearls, And not is the land of Maluku which is the center of producing Nutmeg, Fuli, Cloves and Pearls. Nutmeg and Fuli are easily accessible from Banda Islands, Cloves are easily found in the countries of Ambon, Lease Islands (Saparua, Haruku & Nusa sea) and Nusa Ina and Pearl are produced in considerable numbers in Dobo City, Aru Archipelago .

The total population of this province in 2010 in the census results amounted to 1,533,506 inhabitants. Maluku is located in Eastern Indonesia. It is directly adjacent to North Maluku and West Papua in the north, Maluku Sea, Central Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi in the west, Banda Sea, East Timor and East Nusa Tenggara in the south and Aru Sea and Papua in the east.

The tourism profile of Maluku which contains objects and attractions as well as visiting Maluku, is a reality of tourism potential that is so promising, especially for tourists to come time to witness the beauty of nature include: Availability of underwater attraction in accordance with the characteristics of the Maluku region as an archipelago, , Underwater volcanoes, hilly areas, natural scenery, gulf, lake and hospitality of the people of Maluku who have been known for a long time with the traditions of people who consider tourists as Kings.

Since ancient times, Maluku has been recognized to have a natural attraction other than its spices. Consisting of hundreds of islands make Maluku has unique panorama in every island and invite many foreign tourists come to visit even settle in this archipelago. In addition to natural attractions, some relics of the colonial era is also a special attraction because it can still be maintained properly until now. Even in some areas, tourism has been famous to foreign countries.