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The name ‘Sombori’ might be unfamiliar to your ears yet, but it is definitely the destination your wanderlust soul would be satisfied with. –Indonesia Travel | Sulawesi

sombori-island-sulawesi-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-1Sombori Islands, which are located in the Banda Sea around 5 hours from Kendari with a speedboat, are a group of coral islands which offer exquisite underwater and above water.  The beauty of Sombori Islands is unquestionable since it has been compared with the famous Raja Ampat, Papua.

sombori-island-sulawesi-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-3The combination of the green trees on the coral islands and the clear blue waters fit so perfectly with the summer vibe. There are various options to have a good time here; if you’re interested to see the beauty of the corals, you can just go snorkeling as well as diving. For extreme climbers, you can climb up the vertical field to reach the caves and enjoy a gorgeous view of the color gradation of the waters from the top. You can also go canoeing around the area or just relax on the white sand beaches.

How to get there:

sombori-island-sulawesi-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-2The best way for backpackers to get to Sombori Islands is by taking a speed boat from Kendari to islands nearby Sombori Islands, one of them is Pulau Tiga. Take a passenger ship with route Kendari-Kaleroang-Bungku (which only available at 8 am every day) and layover at Pulau Tiga. You can ask some local people to get you to Sombori with their own boats.

Keep in mind that the best and the safest time to visit Sombori is from September to May, because the waves tend to be calmer at this times of a year.



Night at the pier at Pulau Tiga(credit to Gesang Arba Raka –ig @gesangarbaraka)
The Milky Way seen from Pulau Tiga (credit to Gesang Arba Raka –ig @gesangarbaraka)
Great combination of green coral islands, clear waters, and blue skies at Sombori Islands (credit to Gesang Arba Raka –ig @gesangarbaraka)
Breathtaking view from up the cave at Sombori Islands (credit to Gesang Arba Raka –ig @gesangarbaraka)
White sand beach (credit to Gesang Arba Raka –ig @gesangarbaraka)
Exquisite scenery at Pulau Tengah (next to Pulau Tiga) (credit to Milka Viona –ig @milkaviona)


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