Small Moves Big Impacts ! | Travel Tips JustGoIndonesia understands that some people might feel hesitate in doing exercise on board. Some might wonder about the safety, the answer to that is we can’t count on airplane’s stability, so avoid doing exercise when you see the sign of “fasten your seat-belts” is on. Other than that, it should not be more dangerous than doing regular exercise on ground.

exercise-on-board-small-moves-big-impact-justgoindonesia-tips-2Shall you read other tips in another section , suggests you to take advantage of bathroom breaks as an opportunity to stretch your legs periodically and either hang out in the back of the alley for at least few minutes or walk down the aisle every now and then.

The other reason why some people are hesitant in doing exercise on board is they may be afraid of other people will think about them being ‘weird’ . If this is the reason that stops you from exercising, JustGoIndonesia.comsuggests you to do the exercise when most of the passengers are sleeping, or avoid the exercise that catches most attention such as exercise no.7 & 9.

Shall you have a history of physical illness or injury, recommend that you consult with your doctor before doing this exercise.

Warming up

exercise-on-board-small-moves-big-impact-justgoindonesia-tips-3Before start doing the sitting exercise ( This is all done in your chair while sitting ) , it is a good idea to ask the flight attendant for a cup of water. And the next step you need to do is breath deeply through your nose with your back upright and chin down close to your throat. Do this breathing exercise for about five breaths. Remember to be gentle and not to force your breathing at any time.

  1. Knee lifts : on a sitting position close your feet and then pull your knees up and down without your feet touching the floor. Do this exercise 5 times or better.
  2. Fun Rotations: still on a sitting position, lift your knees up , so your feet off the ground and rotate your feet clockwise . Do this for 5 times then repeat it again but rotate your feet to the opposite direction.
  3. The tic-tac-toe: Keep your feet on the floor and slowly lift your toes up as high as you can with your heel still touching the ground then slowly move your toes back on the floor and your heels raise up. Repeat 5 times.exercise-on-board-small-moves-big-impact-justgoindonesia-tips-4
  4. Leg lifts: with sitting position, put your left ankle on top of your right leg.Then lift your right leg up and down without your foot touching the floor. Repeat this 5 times and then switch to the other leg and repeat it again 5 times.
  5. Knee holding: Slightly lean forwards , grasp both hands around your knee and lift your knee up to your chest. Hold for 15 seconds, then do it again with the other leg. Repeat twice.
  6. Looking for my stuff: Both feet on the floor, hold your stomach in and move your hands slowly down your legs to your ankles and hold it for 10 seconds and slowly sit back up.
  7. Stand on clenched hands: Clench your hands and place them on the sides of your seat close to your knees. Pull your body weight forward, and then push yourself up. Your feet will be off the ground and your rear end is off the seat. Hold this position for 15 seconds.
  8. The hugger: Using your right hand hold your left shoulder and your right elbow with you left hand. Hold the position for 10 seconds then do the opposite . Repeat twice.
  9. Body lifting:  place your hand on the arm rest of your seat. Make sure that  your elbow pointing toward the back (not outward) and also make sure you don’t irritate people sitting next to you. Now using the muscles in the back of your arms lift yourself up and down. Repeat this for 8 times. For stability make sure your feet touch the floor but don’t use your feet to help yourself up as this is an upper body exercise
  10. The roller: With your arms still, roll your shoulders 5 times forward and 5 times backward.
  11. The neck release: Lean your right ear onto your right shoulder then roll your head around to your other shoulder. Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.exercise-on-board-small-moves-big-impact-justgoindonesia-tips-5
  12. Inhale and exhale : Sitting on the edge of your seat, gently put your right knee over your left knee. Put your right hand on the armrest and bring your left hand onto your right knee. Keep your spine long as you inhale and as you exhale turn towards your right side. Take a deep breath for five breaths then repeat on the opposite site.
  13. Pit Stop: Put your arms across your chest, rest your hands under your armpits with your thumbs upwards and your leg crossed. Raise your shoulders without stressing your neck muscles, chin down close to your neck and lips closed, breathe deeply and slowly through your nose for 3 minutes.

Now that you finish with the exercise, having another cup of water will not hurt. 🙂

exercise-on-board-small-moves-big-impact-justgoindonesia-tips-6 believes you will feel the big impact after doing this small moves/ exercise such as it will stretch you out, improve your blood circulation, keep you calm and comfortable, help you to relieve stress you may have before and during the flight, and also help you to stay fit especially having to sit on the plane for a long period of time . Most importantly would like to help you to fight airplane boredom with the hope that when you arrive you will feel energized and relaxed so you can do more and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.


Small Moves Big Impacts ! | Travel Tips JustGoIndonesia


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