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Sentani-Lake,-Jayapura-_-Papua-JustgoIndonesia-2Lake Sentani is the largest lake in Papua. Lake area of ​​9,360 hectares is stretched between Jayapuran and Jayapura and is located at an altitude of 75 mdpl. Lake Sentani area itself is under the slopes of the Cycloops Nature Reserve.

From Jayapura is about 50 km away.
Lake Sentani is a volcanic lake. Lake Sentani water source comes from 14 rivers big and small with one river mouth that is Jaifuri Puay. The waters of Lake Sentani consist of sandy mud substrate
Sentani-Lake,-Jayapura-_-Papua-JustgoIndonesia-1The waters of Lake Sentani have different depths with an average depth of about 24.5 m. In the western regions of Doyo Lama and Boroway, the depth is very steep.

To the east and center of Puay and Simporo, the depths of the ramps and shallow. In shallow water areas overgrown with pandanus and sago. There is a swamp forest ecosystem located in Simporo and Yoka areas.

Lake Sentani has a wealth of marine biota is diverse. The surrounding community has also used it for freshwater fish cultivation. There are about 30 species of freshwater fish inhabiting the waters of Lake Sentani with 4 species of which are endemic to Lake Sentani namely Lake Sentani cork fish, Sentani rainbow fish, red rainbow fish and shark saws.

Sentani-Lake,-Jayapura-_-Papua-JustgoIndonesia-2The scenery around the lake is still very natural and exotic. There are about 24 villages spread over the coast and small islands in the middle of the lake. The small islands are 21 pieces.

We can get around the lake using a rented tourist boat to enjoy the natural exotic Lake Sentani. In addition we can also swim, fishing, diving, water skiing and culinary tour in the area of ​​Lake Sentani.

How to get there:

To get to Lake Sentani we can use the flight route to Sentani Airport, Jayapura. From Sentani Airport we can continue the journey to Lake Sentani use public transport with fares starting from Rp. 10.000 with travel time about 15 minutes.



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