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Karimata island has an area of about 77,000 hectares with the status of Marine Reserve (SAL).
Promising beauty under the sea not known by many hobbyists underwater activities in Indonesia.
In addition to the exotic marine parks, the potential landscape islands inhabited by more than 1,400 people this offer is no less captivating charm.

sail-karimata-2016-main-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-1Geographically, the archipelago waters in the strait between the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Clusters consist of two large islands, namely Karimata island and cigar Island, as well as several smaller islands nan charming. Including Kelumpang Island, Pulau Buluh, Belian Island, Island Busung, Segunung Island, Genting Island, Serungganing Island and Monkey Island.
Karimata can be used as an alternative sea tourism in the country. Various agendas will be held at the Festival Karimata among them journalist trips, fishing competition, a photo contest, fishing canoe race, a culinary tour that has so far total participants already about 300 people.

sail-karimata-2016-main-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-2According to schedule, the peak event of Sail Karimata opened by President Joko Widodo, accompanied by the first lady Iriana Jokowi on Saturday (15/10). Various activities will be held at the summit, among others demo Air Medevac (Medical Evacuation Air) by the Navy, sailing pass sailing boat light (yacht) coming from 9 countries. Also demo free fall, Heli Bolco which carries banner Sail Strait Karimata 2016, and a colossal dance will be hosted by 1000 students from the District of North Kayong.

sail-karimata-2016-main-justgoindonesia-indonesia-travel-3The main activity of the Strait Sail Karimata 2016 consists of four activities. Four activities referred to the National Seminar on maritime in Jambi province on August 25, 2016. Then the main event which will be held on 15 October in the district of North Kayong, which will be filled with a wide variety of entertainment. Such as international yacht competition, competition sauce, Asian durian competition , Asian textile design competition, and Kayong boxing competition. In addition, the peak of Sail Strait Karimata which will be attended by the President Joko Widodo, also will be enlivened by a Sendratari or colossal Ballet led by Indonesian choreographers.
Third, Belitong Festival on October 22, 2016 and the fourth Kepri Maritime Festival, October 28, 2016. In the Maritime Festival in Riau Islands, the government invited yachter and cruiser from abroad.


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