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Many variations existing ones, specifically with a different serve, side dishes and even taste different but still using his trademark namely peanut sauce and vegetables.

Pecel is a traditional food of the area east of Java, a meal consisting of boiled vegetables and side dishes are served with such different pedestal plates stick called ingke or winnowing bamboo depending characteristic of the area. The vegetables were served such as spinach, water spinach, long beans, sprouts, cucumber, cabbage, cassava leaves and basil leaves, usually served with tofu, tempeh, steamed white or brown rice or sometimes with ketupat or lontong 

Pecel, Indonesian Salad | indonesia travelPeanut seasoning sauce poured on top made from a mixture kencur, brown sugar, salt, chili, lime leaves and roasted peanuts mixed, crushed or pulverized. In addition, there is also the added garlic leaf and tamarind in a mixture of warm water to dilute the sauce. Generally, every district in East Java has a variety.

Many variations pecel if you travel around east java, specifically with a different serve, side dishes and even taste different but still using his trademark namely peanut sauce and vegetables.


Pecel, Indonesian Salad | indonesia travel

1. Pecel Pincuk Madiun

This one is the famous one. As the name suggests this is a pecel characteristic of Madiun, East Java and usually served with banana leaf that named pincuk. It uses a mix of papaya leaves and boiled vegetables, petai china and serundeng. Various side dishes as complementary as peanut brittle, tofu and tempeh fried, salted eggs and other side dishes.


Pecel, Indonesian Salad | indonesia travel

2. Pecel Malang

This pecel is typical of the Malang eastern Java. Just like others, the difference is the spice sauce that has a strong flavour, slightly rough texture so have the sensation crisp on peanut sauce.


Pecel, Indonesian Salad | indonesia travel

3. Pecel Blitar

Blitar one is a little unique, in addition to the typical seasoning is usually served with serundeng, a spicy fried coconut flakes.

Actually there are many kinds of pecel in Indonesia that deserves to be tried and have different characteristics.


Pecel, Indonesian Salad | indonesia travelIndonesia Travel |


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