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Klungkung regency, Bali, held Nusa Penida Festival (NPF) for the third time.

The event opens in October 2016 at the beach Banjar Nyuh, Ped village, District of Nusa Penida. Promotion of tourism and cultural activities Nusa Penida will run for 3 days.

Photographer : Arya Jimbawan


Titled Exploring The Blue Paradise Islands, Nusa Penida Festival 2016 scheduled many activities. Along with the opening of the festival and exhibition, Friday (7/10) will be launched Tagline Nusa Penida “The Blue Paradise Island”, Baris dance performances by 1000 dancers, shadow puppets and live music. For the second day, Saturday (8/10) scheduled activities for cleaning the beach and transplant coral reefs, explore the paradise, carnival culture, Sang Hyang Jaran dance performances and live music. While the third day, Sunday (9/10), in addition to touring scheduled to tourist attractions, on a closing day was also held races sailboats and mini sailboat and swimming competition.

Photographer : Arya Jimbawan

Festival filled with various activities that feature a wide range of beauty, uniqueness and cultural wealth of Nusa Penida. This event made every effort to further enhance the attractiveness of Nusa Penida in the eyes of both local and foreign travelers.

Implementing this year’s festival has been running smoothly in accordance with the objectives of the festival itself namely the promotion of tourism. This festival involves the direct participation of the community of more than 3,000 people and nearly 100 journalists covered local, national and international. Public participation is directly involved more than three thousand people.

Photographer : Arya Jimbawan

In addition to the natural potential, Nusa Penida also has potential in the field of art and culture. One of them dances Jangkang Line climbers were staged in 1000 dancers in the opening NPF 2016. This dance is expected to remain stable and be grateful for the arts festival Nusa Penida is increasingly recognized.
Along with the action program Gema Santi Klungkung regency, through this festival Regent also invites all levels of society to preserve the environment by always being polite and innovative.


Photographer : Arya Jimbawan

2016 NPF closure begins dance performances Sila Jaya which is the mascot dance Batununggul Village, Nusa Penida. This dance tells the history of the village name Batununggul. The event also included the delivery of training facilities and basic foods to persons with disabilities, delivery prosperous rice and surgical assistance home, delivery of seeds and corn processing machines as well as the submission of the certification test results of labor competencies of tourism in Nusa Penida.


Photographer : Arya Jimbawan

The closing ceremony of the 2016 NPF attended by all ranks of Klungkung regency government as well as thousands of people have ended with the appearance of top bands from Bali, Superman Is Dead (SID).



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