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KOTA Padang, West Sumatra, not only has charming beaches and small white sandy islands, but also has a charm among the bushy Bukit Barisan Mountains.

Lubuk Hitam Waterfall in Bukit Barisan | Indonesia Travel 1One of them is Lubuk Hitam Waterfall or Three Level Waterfall in Bungus Teluk Kabung District.

Lubuk Hitam Waterfall is located in Kelurahan Teluk Kabung Utara Village, about 25 kilometers south of Padang City. Travel time to this village about one hour road trip by motorcycle or car.

Along the way, we will pass a winding path with views of the hills on the left side and the ocean landscape off on the right side.

The entrance to this area is a small road to the left of Jalan Raya Padang-Painan, not far from the Bungus Sector Police Office of Teluk Kabung.

There is no special gate or signpost so visitors should be genuinely observant not to be missed.

Once inside, we will find a concrete road with a width of about 2 meters on the left and right sides lay the rice fields owned by residents. Up ahead, the green hills lay as if to welcome anyone who came. On the sidelines of the hill seen a waterfall.Lubuk Hitam Waterfall in Bukit Barisan | Indonesia Travel 2

After driving deeper and through the village, we will enter the tropical rain forest. A cool, clean air of the mountain is instantly felt.
Down from the vehicle, visitors still have to walk through the climbing lane and down first. The track is no longer a concrete road, but a dirt road made by residents to access the waterfall.

Fatigue while walking along the path will be entertained by the natural treats presented throughout the journey, such as splashing river water along the path, birds chirping perched on the branches of trees, and boisterous sounds of various types of forest insects, until finally met with a waterfall.

Three levels Waterfall

Lubuk Hitam Waterfall is also called Three Level Waterfall because there are three waterfalls at once in that place. Achieving the first and second waterfall is relatively easy because it is not so uphill.

Lubuk Hitam Waterfall in Bukit Barisan | Indonesia TravelWaterfall with a height of 2 meters and 10 meters respectively can be reached after walking through the cocoa garden residents, 10 minutes from the parking lot.

Lubuk Hitam Waterfall, Bukit Barisan | Sumatra JustGoIndonesia