KNOW THE UNKNOWN… | Indonesia Travel Tips, Part 2

If you are the first timer to visit this country, there may be a lot of things that you have never seen or known before in your life. wants you to know the unknown before you pack your bag. This section covers only the surface, and more in the nutshell will be covered in other sections.


silat-beksi-jakarta-justgoindonesia-martial-art3Silat is an art for survival which was first developed in Java and Sumatra and then practiced throughout the archipelago.  This martial art was used by the ancient warriors of tribal wars for centuries. And also used to determined the rank and position of warriors in old Indonesian Kingdoms. Chinese and Indians influence has further enriched silat especially Silat Beksi from Jakarta.

Silat Beksi martial art originated from the martial arts brought by Lie Cheng Ok, a warrior from the land of northern China. He was recognized as the first great teacher in Indonesia precisely in Tangerang and Jakarta regions inhabited by ethnic Betawi community. Nowadays Silat Beksi being popular under H.Hasbulloh, the Lie Cheng Ok third generations as a leader.silat-beksi-jakarta-justgoindonesia-martial-art


lore-rindu-sclupture-sulawesi-justgoindonesia-indonesi-travelIndonesia  has a long history of stone, bronze and Iron Ages arts. The megalithic sculptures with its distinct tribal styles, created to depict ancestors, deities and animals. are found in many archaeological sites in Sumatra, Java to Sulawesi.

The pre-Hindu-Buddhist and pre-Islamic sculptures can be found  in the artworks of Indonesian ancient tribes, such as Asmat wooden sculpture of Papua, The wooden mask and sculpture of Dayak, The ancestor wooden statue of Toraja, and also the sculpture like totem of Batak and Nias tribes.

borobudur-temple-indonesia-travel-justgoindonesia-java-destinationThe stone sculpture in Java and Bali influenced by Hindu-Buddhist culture, often this stone sculpture are incorporated into temples. The famous one is The Borobudur Temple. Which is a home of 504  seated Budha statues. The examples of Indonesian Hindu-Budha sculptures are Visnu, Shiva, Brahma! Durga, Ganesha  and Agastya in Prambanan temple.

The wooden sculpture and wood carving can be found Bali and Jepara, Central Java. Balinese handicrafts such as sculptures, masks, and other carving artworks are popular souvenirs for tourist who visit Indonesia. The Jepara wood carving are famous for carved wooden furnitures, folding screen also 

The Jepara wood carving are famous for carved wooden furnitures, folding screen also the wedding throne with carved background.


batik-indonesia-travel-justgoindonesia-java-destinationSeveral  Indonesian islands are famous for their Ikat, Batik, dan Songket clothes. This clothes are used for particular occasions and also these traditional patterns have its special meaning. Batik designs have become creative and diverse over the last few years, although once on the brink of disappearing, batik and ikat, found a new lease on life now.



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