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Kaolin Lake, Air Bara Centre Bangka, are one of a new favorite spot to visit of you are in Bangka Island, Sumatra. A long time ago, this spot is a tin mine managed by one of government tin Company. After the mining process was completed, being left a large crater. This crater filled with rainwater and become lakes. There are three big crates become lakes, but only one lake has a blue water. Just because it have a clear blue water, Kaolin lake be the new favorite spot to visit.Kaolin lake Bangka Belitung juStgoindonesia indonesia travel

For those who like to be photography here is the most suitable place to locate objects shoot. The combination of blue water and stone walls were white as snow becomes a very stunning color combination. To visit this lake will be more comfortable if the morning or late in the evening.

How to get there?

Kaolin lake Bangka Belitung juStgoindonesia indonesia travelThere is no public transportation at Bangka Belitung. You need to rent a car or the taxi if you want to go ride. It will take 1 hour from Pangkal Pinang. There is no hotel to stay at Centre Bangka, it only available at Pangkal Pinang, people call it Bangka Induk. There is no signage to get there, so you have to make sure that your driver knows how the way to Kaolin Lake. There are no electricity and toilet. So, just make sure that you come on daytime. You can see some traditional shop sale coconut and some drinks.

Bangka is an island full of tin. You can sound so a lot of tin quarry, but the only good spot is at Kaolin lake. No one knows how deep that lake, is it safe to swim or no, or what makes the water looks blue. No one has made some research yet. People just come to see and take the picture

Kaolin lake Bangka Belitung juStgoindonesia indonesia travel

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