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One of Javanese tradition are serving Nasi Tumpeng as a part of their celebration.

Javanese tradition serving, Nasi Tumpeng | Culinary JustGoIndonesiaThis Nasi Tumpeng and its side dishes are delicious, colorful, and full of intense flavour. It’s an authentic traditional Javanese ceremonial dish which is still being carried through generations. Filled with symbolic meaning, the Nasi Tumpeng represents the Javanese philosophical belief that a supernatural force impacts the lives of all human beings.

The cone shape according to ancient Hindu-Buddhist belief, is said to represent Mount Mahameru, symbolizes holiness and sancturary, and gives thanks to God, the Creator of Life.

Overtime, nasi tumpeng has taken a special position in Indonesian culture. It is not served and eaten casually for daily consumption, and it’s only presented when there is a ceremony to celebrate a new birth, birthday , engagement, wedding, thanksgiving, or to fend off any disasters.

Javanese-tradition-serving-Nasi-Tumpeng-1Nasi tumpeng are cooked rice with coconut milk, herb and spices, and turmeric to make it yellow, served with many kinds of side dishes such as traditional fried chicken, fried noodle, eggs, tempe orek, sambal goreng ati, vegetables (we call it urap), crackers, and many more. Not all Nasi Tumpeng has the same side dish. People usually adjust with their own family culture and favorite.

pict & script inspired by @RafaellaChitra

Javanese tradition serving, Nasi Tumpeng | Culinary JustGoIndonesia