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Hormat in Indonesian etiquette is a way of showing respect and been as one of the key factors in social life, not only to those with status, power, position, elderly or even to just one another. Hormat can be executed in many ways like :

  • Elude direct confirmation
  • Consider others’ dignity and keep them away from experiencing shame or humiliation (to save some one’s face)
  • Never correcting or pointing some one’s mistake openly as this would cause someone to feel humiliated and ashamed, and this is considered very rude.etiquette-in-Indonesia-Community-travel justgoindonesia
  • To demonstrate a good manner, saying terima kasih or thank you after receiving services or favors is a must.
  • To greet Muslims with assalamu ‘alaikum greeting.
  • Smiling, handshake (salam) and a light nod is a good gesture to greet or introduce yourself. Extend your hand and gently touch the other individual’s hand, then bring one’s hands back to the chest to show that you welcome from the heart, and the other counterpart will respond to the gesture.
  • When addressing a large crowd with a distance between you, it’s impossible to handshake individually , put your hand together in front of your chest while slightly bowing. to make a greeting gesture.
  • Nontouching greet is recommended when greeting the opposite sex of conservative Muslims.
  • Whether it is shaking hands, offering a gift, handing or receiving something, eating or generally touching another person must be used right hand.
  • The soul commonly believed inhabits the head, therefore the head is sacred, so never touch the head of an adult.etiquette-in-Indonesia-Community-travel justgoindonesia
  • Avoid putting your chin upward or putting your hands on your hips or pointing when talking to other people.
  • Pointing toward someone with thumbs are considered more polite.
  • Speak softly but clear with somewhat subdued tone is recommended.
  • Women should adopt conservative and modest dress.
  • It is important to wear the proper dress when visiting a place of worship.
  • Remove your shoes when entering a mosque.
  • Swimwear are only suitable to wear in and around beaches and swimming pools.
  • When coming out of water women swimwear and bikini are best covered from hips with a sarong.
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  • You can announce your presence by knocking on the door or ring the bell by saying assalamu ‘alaikum at the Moslem’s house , or permisi is also more common.
  • When you make a visit, wait to be allowed to enter the house, and wait to be allowed to be seated, wait to be allowed to drink, when you finish the whole cup is also indicating that the guest wished the drink to be refilled and also wait to be invited to eat.
  • Although the host will not give any sign of unwelcome since it is considered very rude. It is up to the visitor to estimate the length of their visit and initiate the farewell, so do not overstay.
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  • Some people might use their hands to eat or pass food, therefore make sure you use your right hand only.
  • Do not make sounds and try not make a sound when slurping or the sound of spoon touching the dish while eating as it is not polite.
  • It is not polite and childish to mix and “play” with one’s food too much.
  • Offer gifts with both hands or at least with the right hand .
    Do not open Gifts right away when received, unless the giver asks you.

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