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Aceh has many fascinating attractions, events, and unique cultures. The region is also rich in natural beauty, from mountains, jungles, surfing waves beach and colourful sea garden.

The province has experienced several name changes, from Daerah Istimewa Aceh (1959-2001) to Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (2001-2009) before it became what is now known as Aceh Darussalam means prosperous and peaceful country. Almost beautiful places, historical building were damaged by tsunami of december 2004.

Natural Tourist Sites :

  • Laut Tawar Lake
  • Panta Terong Hill
  • Aneuk Laot Lake
  • Suhom Waterfall
  • Tujuh Tingkat Waterfall
  • Air Dinging Waterfall

Coastal Attractions :

  • Lhok Nga Beach
  • Iboih Diving Spot
  • Sumur Tiga Beach
  • Kasih Beach
  • Lampuuk Beach
  • Sabang Weh Island Marine Park
  • Ujong Batee Beach
  • Kuala Merisi Beach

Mountain Attractions :

  • Mount Leuser
  • Mount Kemiri
  • Mount Perkinson
  • Mount Simpali
  • Mount Seulawah Agam
  • Mount Burni Telong

Laut Tawar Lake | Destination – Sumatra

What Makes Sumatra Worth To Visit? | Destination

Adventures Spot :

  • Rafting on Alas River
  • Loyang Koro Cave
  • Loyang Putri Pukes Cave

Historical Sites

  • Indra Patra Fort
  • Baiturrahman Great Mosque
  • Kerkhoff Cemetery
  • Pendopo
  • Seulawah Monument
  • Indra Puri Old Mosque

Cultural Attractions :

  • Traditional House
  • Gunongan
  • Saman Dance
  • Seudati Dance
  • Rateb Mouseukat Dance
  • Didong

Museums :

  • Aceh State Museum
  • Cut Nyak Dien Museum
  • Ali Hasymi Museum

National Parks :

  • Mount Leuser National

Local Cuisine :

  • Gulee Itek
  • Timpahan
  • Gulee Eungkot
  • Kawah Pli’u
  • Asam Keueung
  • Keumamah

Transportation :

Almost airline in Indonesia and some Malaysia airlines operates the Jakarta – Aceh route or Penang. The airport serves several airlines, such as : Sriwjaya Air, Garuda Indonesia Airways, Nam Air, Susi Air, Air Asia and Lion Air from jakarta and many Indonesia big cities, also Firefly and Malaysia Airlines directly from Penang Malaysia. is a local name for public transportation, this is the most economical transportation, available for public and travellers.
What Makes Sumatra Worth To Visit?
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